Holy Rood Mathematics Hall of Fame Winner 2018

Yesterday I was inducted into the Holy Rood RC High School Mathematics Hall of Fame.

This engaging project, unique to Holy Rood RC High School, asks their S2 pupils to choose mathematicians, working in Scottish universities, who inspire them. They then each present their chosen mathematician and the whole year group vote on the winner.

Back in May I was contacted by two pupils from the school, informing me that their class had nominated me for the 2018 Mathematics Hall of Fame. Up against some serious competition, in June I received word that I had won the vote!

I spent the morning with the (now S3) pupils, presenting my research and talking about my love for maths. I was then presented with my award and met with the teachers.

I was so impressed with the department – their commitment to engaging the pupils is fantastic and I think the Mathematics Hall of Fame is a great project to encourage their enthusiasm for maths.Ruth Bowness HOF

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